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A Wide Range of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

Primary Chemicals has a full range of Oilfield Chemical Products available, including corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, amines, aromatics, glycols, formaldehydes, and more.  We also have a wide variety of organic and inorganic chemicals for all industrial uses.

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All of the products listed below, as well as the corrosion inhibitors on the corrosion inhibitors page, are contained in this Word Document.  The intent is to give you a handy reference document to keep on your computer.   

PCHSS 300 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger 

A complex proprietary water soluble highly surface active liquid hydrogen sulfide scavenger.

PCHSS 412 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger 

PCHSS 412 is a concentrated hydrogen sulfide scavenger that has been successfully used in the removal of hydrogen sulfide from both aqueous and hydrocarbon systems. The performance of PCHSS 412 is not adversely effected by the presence of CO2 and it produces an easy to dispose non-hazardous, water soluble reaction product.

PCPE 95 Scale Inhibitor Intermediate 

A phosphate ester intermediate in the free acid form for a broad spectrum application.  It is highly effective against calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and iron scales.

PCPE 95-N Partially Neutralized Phosphate Ester 

A sodium salt of an amine phosphate ester.  It can be diluted with water and/or antifreeze for field grade scale inhibitor.

PCPF 48 Packer Fluid Concentrate 

A water soluble packer fluid inhibitor concentrate.  This is a highly cationic amine for use in oil well drilling completion, producing, and waterflood systems.

Primary Chemical has a full range of Oilfield Chemical products.

Primary Chemical has a full range of Oilfield Chemical products.



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