Corrosion Inhibitors


Slowing the corrosion rate of a metals and alloys is a bottom line issue in most heavy industry, especially the oilfield industry.   Corrosion Inhibitors can act through three mechanisms:

By "scavenging" (absorbing) the free Oxygen.
By creating a thin film between the metal and the corrosive chemical.
Retarding or prohibiting the reduction-oxidation reaction (gain or loss of electrons).

Primary Chemicals delivers only the highest quality corrosion inhibitors, made with the greatest attention to quality control at every step.  We also carry a full line of organic and inorganic chemicals for industrial uses, especially oilfield chemicals.

Our corrosion inhibitor product list includes:

PCCI 10 Corrosion Inhibitor Intermediate- An oil soluble amine/phosphate ester salt concentrate that creates a film which inhibits against CO2 an H2S or any corrosion

PCCI 40 Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate- A complex oil soluble acid / polyamine salt concentrate that is especially adaptable to sour and CO2 systems. PCCI 40 is a very tenacious filmer.

PCCI 610 Corrosion Inhibitor- A quaternized alkyl pyridine that withstands high heat. This chemical inhibits corrosion in both oil and water systems against H2S, CO2, organic acids, inorganic salts and trace quantities of oxygen.

PCCI 1234T Corrosion Inhibitor- A concentrated blend of quaternary and acyclic amines with dispersants. Due to the unique blend, it is excellent for high heat gas wells and refineries, and makes an excellent concentrated treatment for truck corrosion.

PCCI 1438 Corrosion Inhibitor- A high temperature acid corrosion inhibitor that out performs NACE specifications and is compatible with other acid additives.