Welcome to Primary Chemicals!

We here at Primary Chemicals are committed to bringing value to our customers and suppliers. We are focused on the petrochemical and oilfield chemicals markets. We have a network of suppliers located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.  We have strong positions in corrosion inhibitors, aliphatics, aromatics, alcohols, ketones, and glycols.  However, we deal in all sorts of industrial chemicals, so contact us for all of your chemical needs.

In addition, we carry a full line of spill control and safety equipment.

Our main phone number is (832) 683-4891.
Our address is 9831 Whithorn Dr Houston, TX 77095.
Specific staff email addresses and phone numbers are on the Contact Us page, which is linked here and above at the top right.

Customer Service

Like all of Primary Chemicals' loyal customers, you'll appreciate our enthusiastic, timely and accurate responses to each inquiry and order. We nurture excellent carrier alliances, so we can deliver your products exactly as ordered and on time.

"Gold Standard" of Primary Chemical's Products

You'll be pleased with the quality of our chemical products every time you use them on petrochemical or oil field projects. That's because Primary Chemicals offers our customers the "gold standard" of aliphatic, aromatic, alcohol, ketone and glycol products.

With 25 years of experience in the chemical business, Primary Chemicals is uniquely positioned to quickly and reliably fill each order. And you will appreciate the competitive pricing; the result of our strong personal relationships with the industry's top suppliers.