Primary Chemicals Organic Chemical Products

We deal in all sorts of industrial chemicals, so contact us for what you need.  We have strong positions in aliphatics, aromatics, alcohols, ketones, glycols, and glycol ethers. We have strong positions in Mineral Spirits, methanol, odorless mineral spirits, 142 solvent, formaldehyde, acetone, MEK, TEG, hexane, heptane, Isopropyl Alcohol, anti-freeze, Xylene, toluene, Aromatic 100 and Aromatic 150.

Our main phone number is (832) 683-4891.
Our address is 9831 Whithorn Dr Houston, TX 77095.
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We have a full line of Oilfield Chemicals.

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Here is a complete list of our other organic chemical products:

Aliphatics, Aromatics, and Alcohols
Aliphatics Aromatics Alcohols
142 Solvent Aromatic 100 2 Ethyl Hexanol
142 Solvent MSDS Aromatic 150 Butanol
Heptane Aromatic 150 MSDS Ethanol
Hexane MSDS Aromatic 200 IsoButanol
IsoPar equivalents Toluene IsoPropyl Alcohol 
Lacquer Diluent Toluene MSDS Methanol
Mineral Spirits Xylene  
Mineral Spirits MSDS Xylene MSDS  
Mineral Spirits Rule 66 HAD  
Mineral Spirits Rule 66 MSDS  

Oderless Mineral Spirits    
Short Range Mineral Spirits  

Kerosene MSDS    
Ketones, Glycol Ethers, and Glycols
Ketones Glycol Ethers Glycols
Acetone Glycol Ether DB DiEthylene Glycol
Acetone MSDS Glycol Ether EB DiPropylene Glycol
MAK Glycol Ether EP Ethylene Glycol
MEK Glycol Ether PM PolyEthylene Glycol
MIBK Glycol Ether PNP Propylene Glycol
DIBK Glycol Ether PTB TriEthylene Glycol
  Glycol Ether DM TriEthylene Glycol MSDS
Inorganics Bulk, Chlorinated, and AntiFreeze
Inorganics Bulk Chlorinated AntiFreeze
Aqua Ammonia Ethylene DiChloride Coolant Plus Concentrate
Calcium Chloride Methylene Chloride Coolant Plus 50/50
Citric Acid Perchloroethylene PG Antifreeze
PG Antifreeze Perchloroethylene  
Phosphoric Acid    
Sodium Hypochlorite    
Sulfuric Acid    
Gas Treating, Amines, and Surfactants
Gas Treating Amines Surfactants
Molecular Sieve Diethanolamine NP 6
Ceramic Balls Monoethanolamine NP 9
Activated Carbon Triethanolamine NP 9.5
Naphthalenes, Plasticizers, and Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Naphthalenes Plasticizers Esters
D-Limonene DHN DiOctyl Adipate Esters
D-Limonene MSDS THN DiOctyl Phthalate Butyl Acetate
Formaldehyde   DiMethyl Ester
Formaldehyde 1.5% max Meoh MSDS     Ethyl Acetate
Formaldehyde 0-10%meoh MSDS     IsoButyl Acetate
Formaldehyde, 10-15% Meoh MSDS     IsoPropyl Acetate
Styrene     PM Acetate
    Tertiary Butyl Acetate