Welcome to PrimaryChemical's Marine Spill Page!

Classifier Strips - Distinguish CHEMICAL risks in unknown spilled liquids and classify for proper treatment in a matter of seconds. Strips simultaneously test for acid/base, oxidizer, fluoride, petroleum product/organic solvent and iodine/bromine/chlorine risks.

Disaster Response - Primary Chemicals can mobilize on site to any disaster with supply trailers for one stop shopping for emergency response clients.

Haz Mat Spill - Primary Chemicals provides Kolor-Safe Neutralizers for a precise method of responding to hazardous base spills. Including a full line of personal protection equipment to insure safety of clean-up and disposal. Microbial Products - Our Microbial Products eat and digest organic waste in wastewater, ponds and lakes, soil (bioremediation and soil conditioning) as well as controlling odors associated with organic waste.
Oil Spills - Primary Chemicals has resources to provide hard boom to handle any size spill.

Spill Boom - Primary Chemicals offers spill boom in all sizes including open-net, sock-in-net and skimmer bags.

Spill Containment - Secure a spill with our socks. Shape or mold socks to fit into a tight area where spills may occur. Spill Sorbents - Primary Chemicals offers a full product line of spill pads, rolls, socks & boom for oil only and haz mat spill control needs.
Spill Sweeps - Use our Oil-Only Sweeps to skim rainbow oil sheens or thin oil off of water.