Primary Chemicals Methanol


METHANOL is a colorless alcohol, hygroscopic and completely miscible with water, but much lighter (specific gravity 0.8). It is a good solvent, but very toxic and extremely flammable.

PROPERTIES: This simple single carbon alcohol is a volatile solvent and a light fuel.

Property Minimum
Purity (% wt) 99.85 Minimum
WATER (PPM) 1000 Maximum
Ethanol (ppm) 100 Maximum
Acetone and aldehydes (ppm) 30 Maximum
Acidity, as acetic acid (ppm) 30 Maximum
Non-volatiles (ppm) 10 Maximum
Color (APHA) 5 Maximum
Discharge time/ permanganate (minutes) 50 Minimum
Specific gravity, at 20/20 °C 0.793 Maximum
Appearance Free of suspended matter

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